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Press Release Package USA & Canada,Unlike traditional PR agencies, we offer the same services on a need-basis using a “pay as you go” model that eliminates the need for expensive monthly retainers. By painstakingly overseeing distribution, reporting, and press release creation, we provide comprehensive PR solutions. We investigate the public relations (PR) tactics that your competitors use in print and online media and provide in-depth reports outlining our study.

The reports of Press Release Package USA & Canada are generated in an understandable Excel format and include comprehensive graphics and statistics along with remarks and suggestions from our public relations specialists. These monitoring reports will help you plan and execute your next PR campaign more effectively.

Why choose Press release package USA & Canada?

Our company offers service-based public relations solutions. This implies that neither a long-term plan commitment nor a fixed monthly payment are required. It requires any of our numerous services at any time, and only pay for what you really use. Our editing team will draft your press release and send it back to you once you’ve reviewed and approved it. We’ll start notifying all of the top news agencies and outlets in the business about your press release as soon as we have your approval.

We are the best Service available in the industry. Our firm sends out press releases to social media sites, search engines, and even Google News, in addition to our own network of more than 200 reliable news sites. In addition, we provide placement on Google News as a service.


Our in-house editors review the Press release package USA & Canada for errors such as typos, misspellings, broken links, inappropriate formatting, and missing images before it is distributed. By doing this, you can make sure that the message is error-free and reaches the recipients and search engines. We then send it out for testing to make sure it makes it past vigilant “spam” filters and into everyone’s inbox. This includes comprehensive distribution and syndication across all pertinent nations and vertical industries, as well as the most well-known publications and media channels.