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Raising finance may be an arduous, anxiety-inducing, time overwhelming task for any business, However stress may be reduced if adequate business planning takes place for  management to devote sufficient attention in sourcing funds. Many organizations don’t plan effectively which jeopardizes the company’s possibilities of success.A organization takes six to 12 months to secure equity finance, but the debt finance can be raised quickly. Careful planning and well-drafted documents has to been done in attracting investors who are prepared for financial commitments as that will generate returns and rewards. Management should focus on company’s aims and objectives before manufacturing the company’s plan , business strategy, and route map for driving the company forward for operationally to achieve its goals, thereby establishing it as a viable investment and loan proposition.Our role help our clients to help crystallize the aspirations that have come back from their great ideas  and to create a sensible  business plan with sustainable business model that may enable them to win in business, competition – and finance.WMN assists financial services companies involved in Impact Investing / ESG to raise awareness of their commitment to their growth and strategy. We help companies refine their messages and raise visibility, credibility, and understanding of their approach to socially responsible investing through media relations, thought leadership, social media, and events.


We develop integrated public relations and marketing communications programs to help firms achieve the following objectives: Build Understanding and Gain Recognition Clearly articulate the company’s philosophy And how to impact investing is core to its mission to demonstrate the financial and social benefits of ESG Position the company and executives as thought leaders in the impact space attract Investors

  • Raise awareness of the firm’s investment approach
  • articulated the investment and social returns that ESG can generate
  •  increase interactions with current and potential investors
  •  identify Investment Opportunities
  • Feature successful investments list companies in spreading the word
  •  facilitate inbound inquiries from target private and public company investors  

Over this  Pandemic “COVID -19” industries have been severely affected this has been got a huge setback & badly impacted on direct employment revenue and needs all the attention as maximum countries have been affected across the world.

“WMN” is a press release distribution company covering  180 countries across the globe in 25 languages and partnering with 5000 publications worldwide, It has come with  ready live tools in conducting webinars, advertising social media, bloggers, etcWorld Media Network” is playing a very important role where the news will be promoted across the world.  Press releases will be carried on the basis of industry standards with the news on Business development and scope of growth within the country and FDI’s and worldwide.Social media marketing, Voice marketing, video conferencing, zoom in, webinars are ready to cater to concepts where Talk shows and debates will be conducted.the coronavirus has affected many businesses and the brand image, the awareness needs to be done so that the trust of the company is there for the  customers to deal with them, WMN  is ready to give support plans for the brands    and is also going to introduce their policies of insurances, finances along with  other solutions. It is a dream of every corporate to get themselves listed in these Major stock exchanges World Media Network would cover the financial news of all the stock exchanges , Commercial banking ,Personal banking (or private banking)Investment banking ,Wealth managemen tCorporate, finance Mortgages / lending Accounting Financial planning Treasury Audit Equity research Insurance 

 Each stock exchange has its own listing requirements or rules. The listing requirements imposed by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) requires a company to have issued at least a million shares of stock worth $100 million and must have earned more than $10 million over the last three years.NASDAQ Stock Exchange requires a company to have issued at least 1.25 million shares of stock worth at least $70 million and must have earned more than $11 million over the last three years.London stock market needs a minimum capitalization (£700,000), 3 years of audited money statements, minimum public float (25%) and enough capital for a minimum of twelve months from the date of listing.Bombay Stock Exchange: Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) requires a minimum market capitalization of ₹250 million (US$3.5 million) and minimum public float equivalent to ₹100 million (US$1.4 million).


“WORLD MEDIA NETWORK” is playing an important role in all the categories and sectors in terms of FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT segment.
WORLD MEDIA NETWORK” is venturing into a Press Release distribution Company  & covering over 180 Countries and more than in  twenty-five languages across the World. Covering Digital News, Television, Print, Radio, Billboards, Airports, Multiplexes,Talk shows ,webinars, live shows etc.Press releases are based on Industry standards and timely Coverages help in business development and scope of growth among  the countries and FDI’s “WMN” is helping upcoming n existing businesses to grow within the perpetual business as the government is  working towards domestic and international Tie-Ups .

Most service-oriented industries need to be promoted through “WMN with direct and indirect participation and looking for opportunities for Franchising modules in the world.


There are two types of lead within the lead generation market: sales leads and marketing leads. A Sales lead is generated on the basis of demographic criteria such as FICO score (United States), income, age, home Income, psychographic, etc. These leads are resold to multiple advertisers. Lead generation describes the marketing method of stimulating and capturing interest in a very product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. Lead generation typically uses digital channels and has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years from the increase of the latest online and social techniques.